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Red River Loft Conversion Services

At Red River Loft Converters, we offer a range of services to suit our customers needs.

Please take a look below at what we have to offer, and we look forward to working with you soon.

Services We Offer

Velux Conversions

  • A Velux loft conversion is the most straightforward loft conversion as it utilises the existing loft space. This type of conversion is the most cost effective and can usually be completed in 4 weeks. These loft conversions are a great way to add that natural light to your room, giving it  the feeling of a bright open space. 
Red River Velux Loft Conversion
Red River Velux Loft Conversion Bathroom

All of our windows are fitted to the high standards you would expect from our team of experts. 

Red River Loft Converters only use Velux as our supplier. 

They are the leading brand of roof windows, and include a wide variety of styles and sizes.

As they are all made to the highest quality, Velux fits in with our own philosophies.

By having a Velux loft conversion, your roofline will remain untouched. 

This means there is less structural work required, meaning less disruption to you and your home. 

All of our team at Red River Loft Converters are fully certified when it comes to installing any of the Velux range available.

They are extremely knowledgeable in every Velux product, and will be able to guide you through the best recommendations to get the most from your loft conversion.

Red River can also install the VELUX® Active Indoor Smart Controller.

This controller is ideal for a modern home, and uses smart technology to control your window.

It uses sensors and remote-operated features, allowing windows to automatically close when it rains, improve ventilation during humid temperatures as well as much more.

Red River Velux Loft Conversion Stairs

Dorma Conversions

A dormer loft conversion is simply an extension to your existing roof.

It projects vertically from the roof, and creates additional floor space as well as headroom within your property. 

Internally, a dormer has vertical walls with a horizontal ceiling.

Red River Dorma Conversion
Red River Dorma Conversion Adjoining Neighbours

Dormer Conversions are extremely popular among our customers at the moment.

This is because they give you a higher ceiling height, meaning they are perfect for En-suite bathrooms and wardrobes 

They allow that flexibility regarding the layout of your stairs, which in turn could leave you more free space within your room.

These are also popular due to the relaxed rules regarding loft conversions.

The majority of dormer conversions now no longer require planning permission in order to build them.  

This helps save time and money, allowing us to work quicker to complete your dormer loft conversion.

Dormer conversions can vary in size and colour, and include many different choices of window and style types. 

It allows you to add your own unique style to your loft.

This makes each project we carry out unique, and gives you the freedom to add your input to the project.

Velux Loft Conversion

Hip to Gable Conversions

When your existing roof contains what is called a “Hip”, it makes the space in your loft smaller.

If this is the case, then Red River Loft Converters are able to carry out a Hip to Gable conversion for you.

Hip To Gable Conversion
Bungalow Conversion Pic 2

Red River Loft Converters get rid of that space, by building the existing side wall straight up.

This will form a new triangular “Gable” end.

The existing roof can then be filled in with new rafters, felt or tiles. 

This will then increase the amount of usable space for you, which can help with getting new stairs up over your existing stairs.

Once we have created this new space for you, we will be able to add a Velux or Dormer conversion for you.

This will allow you to create the perfect loft conversion for your needs.

Hip To Gable

Bungalow Conversions

A Red River bungalow conversion can offer you and your property an whole new dimension.

Not only will it help increase the value of your property, it will also allow you to stay in your property for years to come.

This helps avoid the hassles of moving.

Friendly And Efficient Loft Conversions
Red River Bungalow Conversion

Red River Loft Converters will help you design and plan your Bungalow conversion, allowing you the choice of how to use your space.

We will be able to add windows to your roof, allowing the light to shine through on your new Bungalow Loft Conversion. 

So give us a call or drop us an email today, and see how Red River are able to help convert your Bungalow to give you that extra space for your property.


Bungalow Conversion

Design and Planning

Some of our clients have already instructed their own Architect to prepare plans and therefore the Design and Planning service is not required and we will liaise with your Architect.

If Like many of our clients, you do not already have plans we will guide you through this process.

Hip To Gable
Red River Loft Conversion

Once you have decided, on which type of conversion you require and agreed a budget, Steve Carter RICS will carry out a detailed survey and draw up plans for your loft conversion.

You will then be provided with an initial draft at which point you have the opportunity to make any changes and only once you are happy will the plans be completed.

Since most loft conversions do not require planning permission, the drawings will then have all the construction details and structural design added for Building Regulation approval.

If however, planning permission is required they will be submitted to the local authority and only once approved will the construction and structural details will be added.

Red River Loft Conversions